Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day in 2011

Good bye 20011~~
please go away...
2011 give me so much of pain..
please go with all my pain..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Im Hottest yes i do!!

I'm really proud to be Hottest!!!
yeah i do!!
Once HOTTEST forever HOTTEST!!
I LOVE WooYong, JunHo, JunSu, Nichkhun, ChanSung and Taecyeon
Obviously my bias is Taecyeon!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy OkCat Day!!!!

Happy Birthday..
OK Taecyeon Oppa!!!
not much i can say..
but the only true things hat i want u to know that
muchhhh... very much!!!!
Plz live longer to put my smile on my face n give me oxygen to breath!!!
u r my hottest namja baby!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday Dafi

Happy Birthday Dafi!!!!
Saengil Chuka Hamnida!!

Its reached 5 years since our 1st met!!
yeahhh!!! not much to say..
i juz wanna wish u happy always
n success in your carreer..
happy with your loves n life..
your happiness is mine too..
Let your self happy...
i love u no metter what..
i love you..
n i love you!!!

Happy Birthday Dafi!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2pm Hands Up Asia Tour

Put Your hands up!!! Put Your hands up!!! put put put put put put.. Put Your hands up!!!

weeeeeeeeeee... *wertyujkjnhbvcx*

Happy like crazy... ok2... i reached to Stadium Negara at 8am.. im lucky coz fify do reserved a placed for me in a que line.. becoz she arrive at the stadium 8pm on 24th nite.. michessoe?? hahaha... then i do queing there for 11 hour.. for sure not standing laa.. since fify was da 1st person queing for Free Sitting Right area so im 2nd.. hahaha.. happyyyy.. so my place is under roof n near door where i can feel da air cond too.. haevenly.. but of coourse i felt boring too.. so i meet some fren there n rounding at that area.. jalan2 sampai penat then duduk balik.. makan n jalan2 balik.. que for some official 2pm merchandise.. damn great moment with Hottest :) the best part is when all of us start to stand up and waiting for da door to open.. my gang do sing 2pm song as loud as we can.. hahahhaa... since they r playing some song from 2pm so our spirit is increase for da concert.. when da door is open me n fify run like hell in order to get a best place for da best view.. yeahhh!! we make it!! when da concert start i feel like im dreaming.. i look my 6 namja by my own eyes.. all performance was DAEBAK!!!! but da awesome time when Taecyeon jump to da audience n it juz near my place.. i was scream like hell... i wish he will come to my place.. he do noticed me shouting n waving to him.. he do look at me n wave to me back.. OMG i was like @#$%^Y$TEWRTE%%^$ hahahhaa... speechless.. his eyes is the tiger eyes.. :) that was the awesome nite of me.. then when they sang thank you i was like crying with undesribable feel.. really!!! then me n my bro go to da backstage gate n waiting for da boys to came out.. unluckyly the wan was curtained so we cant see through it.. but feel happy when nichan heard im screaming to him n he do wave to us.. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Great 2PM days Y♥o♥Y

Assalamualaikum... Annyeonghaseyo chinggu \♥,♥/

2PM 2PM 2PM 2PM... Arghhhhh!!!... That is the only things that play in my mind from a week ago infact till now.. im forget everything about my problem n my love (termasuk pasal my Janggun-nim).. only 2pm in my head.. michesseo??? hahaha..
Start with da countdown.. keep on conting down since i get da tix from Viva Home.. everyday every nite im conting down without fail.. and at last da day arrives...

23/11/2011 - Wednesday...
a bunch of rumours is played all over internet bout their arrival time n place.. i juz gamble n went to KLIA as early 7am... coz i heard da boys will touch down about 7am -10am.. it was a really bad day for me.. because after 7hours (lucky i found Kah Mei.. she did accompany me..) of waiting i juz get a genuine info that the boys will arrive at 10.30pm.. i was like crying.. i cant wait till that hour coz it will be no transport for me to get back home.. so i'd no choice, i have to forget about waelcoming da boys n juz going back.. on my way back i was really sad n crying.. my mood is totally going down.. :( i felt very bad, as soon as i arrived home.. i off my phone n juz sleep.. its a record when i went to sleep about 9pm tat nite.. it was my bad day ever...

24/11/2011 - Thursday..
Its a Hi-5 Session day.. because of i cant see them when their arrive, i plan to stalk them at the Hilton KL Hotel.. but im in dilemma, should or shouldnt go?? i juz keep on thinking.. then suddenly i decided to go there n talk them.. as well as my say yes i juz take LRT n go to Hilton.. i ask Kah Mei to wait for me there.. as soon as i arrived there, Sarah start a conversation with me.. shes the one who que behind me at the Viva Home.. we have a great talk, then come a fwe Hottest n join our conversation.. it was greatt, juz knowing them about a minute but we all can get along.. after Kah Mei n all the Hottest is in for the Hi-5 thinggy only me n a few Hottest who is unlucky to get the Hi-5 tix left at the carpark.. then i go to a group of 4 girl who looks like planning some evil things.. i juz go into their conversation, then we decided to juz go inside the Hotel n stalk them.. we pretend like wanna use the toilet, then the guard let us in.. yes!!! its da tyme.. we stalk all over place to know where is the event location.. at last we get da information, directly we went to da place.. at level 6.. we heard Hottest shouting like hell when the boys make their appearance.. on tat tyme, i really cant control myself.. i juz go n stalk them from a small hole at the door.. then i saw my taec.. OMG!!! i cant believe i see him!! but i still cant control myself.. i wanna see more.. at last i push the door.. OMG!!! i see TAECYEON n his figure!!! OMG he so hot!!! but unluckyly the staff noticed me.. he push me out.. its ok.. i already saw my Taec.. i feel like in dream.. :) i juz smile like silly girl, shouting n jumping.. hahahaha... that is my 1st tyme ever to stalking someone like that.. hahahaha.. after that i still try to enter the room, after that one Hilton bodyguard came out n shouting at us.. he ask us to leave the floor.. hahaha.. i juz smile at him.. buat bodo suda.. dah penat dia halau xda org dengar.. after he enter the room back we go to door back.. hahaha.. when the door open we try to stalk again.. n a saw my taec again... after the Hi-5 session ended.. me, saah n kah mei still wait at the car park to stalk them.. because they will going to Stadium for rehearsal after the Hi-5.. but we cant managed to wait till then because the driver said they might leave from other floor.. n we juz went bak home.. prepare for da concert.. :)

ill continue about da concert on the next post :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

my great team

This is my team..
they juz put a bright smile to me..

guys.. thx for da beautiful frenship
that i could never buy anywhere..
all the time that we spend together
such a great time for me..

kak siti... mummyyy.. hahaha.. thx for ur kindness
fierra.. nnt kite g kahwin awak k..
hajar.. detektif yg cantikk..
yasmien.. suara rock gitew.. nice to knw u..
nana.. sonok borak ngn ko..
yana.. i love karaoke wit u.. len kali kite g lagi k..

Pen.. sonok layan ko punye mengarutness tuh...
panjang.. ko punye 'star' wanna be attitude tu sgt lawak k.. hahhaa..
Hanafi.. klu ak tgk green apple sure igt ko.. hahaha
Hafifi.. physio yg paling sempoi n gilerr...
Fadzil.. thx selalu teman aku makan n layan kerenah aku..
Joko.. hahaha.. kau lawak tp ak suke dgr ko membebel..
Ijal.. ko belakon mmg best.. gud luck bro..
Joe flizzo.. kau mmg ske mengarut n wat bunyi2 yg pelik.. kekeke
Hirman.. lets go clubbin together one day.. rindu ko do mel!! hahaha
Amirul.. ko xbyk cakap.. tp best.. gudluck budak ptpl..
Syafiq.. hahaha.. sally yg akan aku igt sampai biler.. kelas ko nokss..

my dear cikgu..
cikgu avaa... gerak gerak gerak khass.. hehehhe.. cikgu thx for da input.. i hope i can learn more from u.. cikgu sgt best n sempoi.. love u cikgu!! sowi sbb amik masa lama sgt utk scene kaunsel singh tuh.. hehehe..
cikgu sherry.. cikgu mmg sempoi n rock!!! thx sbb sabar je ajar saya masa nk deliver dialog kaunsel singh tuh.. btw this is a confession.. sebenarnye da lama saya nk ckp ni... saya suke sgt lakonan2 cikgu since tari tirana lg.. :)

thx guys...
thx for everything...
juz love the way you are..
bogo shippo...

Friday, November 4, 2011

so bad so sad so stress..

so bad so sad so stress...
so.. so.. so..
ottoke??? hurmm..
i juz cant bear to live this way..
i juz cant bear this feelin anymore
i juz cant bear to hurt again...

so bad..
when i still dont know
what is da status???
my heart is non stop
beating with his name
my adrenalin is running fast
with his looks..
love me??? or not??
really need da answer!!

So Sad..
when i cant have it
when i really need it!!
i am desperately want it!!
i wish i could turn back time
and i would choose the right things again..

So stress!!
when i feel bad n sad in da same time..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dont be nice to me... Jong KooK..

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore

It might be better to be cold to me
Or ignoring me might be better for me
Brushing off the dust on my collar
Carelessly laughing and leaning on my shoulder

I let it go, telling myself that its just a habit and busy my day
But I think about ti again and again as if I took a picture

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore
I don't have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
If you have other thoughts than me, if you have different thoughts than me.
If somebody asks you who I am, nonchantly introduce me as just someone you know

The phone call a couple of days ago at night, that call...
it's not that I didn't wat to answer, but I couldnt
Just in case I tell you I miss you when I'm drunk
because in the morning, I'll regret it

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore
I don't have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
Although I had the whole world because of love
Although i miss it, I'm unable to find the way

Just in case you have the same thoughts as me,
if you happen to have the same thoughts of me
I wait again and again.
I am a fool infront of love again.
I cling to you again, like a fool.

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hey Stalker!!

hey ya mr.stalker!!
i juz wanna let u know that
i hate u!!!

Please keep your self out of my life!!
i dun need u in my life..

plz keep on reminding yourself
that WE dun need u!!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Single and available ♥


Annyeonghaseyo Myra imnida.. :)
haizzzz... almost 4years being single with no one inside my heart..
somehow as a normal girl..
i really wanna have someone here by my side..
to love n pampered me as other girl should get..

Being single somehow is great because i am free to do what i love to do and flirting whenever i want to do so..
but sometimes it will caused Super-Lonely that i couldn't describe..
every time i saw a couple with a warm love, ill ask my self 'will i get someone soon?'
its not because i'm jealous, but its because of i think this is da ideal time for me to get one..

but sometime i could think this way 'am i worth to be someone GF? im not a girl with good look n good size.. im just a jobless girl'
but deep inside my heart i always wish to get someone who will appreciate me as who i am..
Love me as i love him.. n always be my side through my happy n sad tyme..
that is my wish..
Oh ALLAH.. plz fulfill my wish.. amin..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

his smile.. his eyes

his smile.. his eyes..
its haunting me...
make me hypnotize
and make me crazy..

his smile.. his eyes..
make my adrenaline running like non stop
make my heart beating like flash
and make me melting like an ice..

that smile.. that eyes..
is impossible for me to forget it!!
i juz cant let u go from my mind..
but.. thruthfully i know that i cant get u!!
it is COMFIRM!!

please know that
im falling in love with u..
ill always be ur secret admire!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Because of 2PM

I put a reminder for 8 oct to be da early birds for 2PM Asia Tour Concert tix. I wanna buy Rock Pitt area at first but i dun have fwen to go with me, so i decided wanna take a VVIP numbered sit. Its becoz if im late i still can get a best view of my oppa.

I Wake up early in da morning, i guess i can be da early bird who can Q in front of da line. Its about 10am i reach Viva Home in order to buy da best tix.. but unluckily when i reach there, its about 200people already there n Q waiting for the tix counter open. I need to Q at level 3 staircase. I brought Aiman to accompany me, but he cant stay longer with me coz he wanna watch movie. So luckily i can make a few new fren there. so i still waiting n waiting while chit chatting with my new fren bout 2PM n K-Pop.. about 3hours later, we need to change our Q line. From da Staircase to parking site. After that we need to waiting for another hour for da counter to open.

About 2pm da counter is open for us. Although the counter is already open but we still need to wait until our turn come. About an hour after the counter open, a very bad news come. The TM discount is already sold out and the worsen news is my choosen sit VVIP is also sold out!! i was like.. WTH??? i was there for about 5hour and i cant buy my choosen tix?? i was so disappointed.. :( after discussing with my bro n my fwen, im decided to buy FREE ZONE tix. hurmm... From Rock Pitt to VVIP n in the end juz can get FREE ZONE.. hurmmm.. so sad :( So on that concert day i have to be there early in da morning in order to grab a best sit there. For its ok as long as i can see my Taecyeon.

so.. I went through all those moment BECAUSE OF 2PM.. now im juz counting day till da date of 25th November 2011.. n so i can see my Oppa!! ♥

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nama dia.. @dafiismailsabri

Siapa dia si baju kuning itu???
Nama dia Dafi..

dah lama kenal dia??
lebih kurang 3 ke 4 tahun...

Siapa dia pada kamu??
Dafi.. seorang artis Malaysia yang paling Myra minati!!!

Kenapa minat Dafi??
erm.. without reason.. mungkin kerasa sikap dan kejujuran dia... serta setiap tutur kata dia yang susah untuk menyinggung perasaaan seseorang.. dan juga senyumannya yang manis :)

Dafi ok x??
Dia sangat OK!! dia seorang yang baik dan sweet.. sebab tuh Myra peminat no.1 Dafi.. sebab Dafi Baik Punya!!

Dafi pernah berubah??
TAK!! sekali pun tak pernah.. masih kekal seperti dulu.. masih lagi seorang Dafi yang myra kenal 3tahun lalu.. masih kaya dengan senyuman dan budi bahasa.. tak pernah menyakiti hati myra walaupun sekali.. Dia masih lagi Dafi itu.. dafi yang dulu...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jangan sakiti dia...
jangan lukai dia..
jangan abaikan dia..
kelak kalian kan menyesal...

Jangan sakiti dia..
jangan lukai dia..
kerasa setiap baris ayat yang melukai dia
akan turut kurasai pedihnya...
melukai dia bermakna kalian melukaiku..

Jangan sakiti dia..
jangan lukai dia..
kerna dia sedang lakukan yang terbaik untuk kita semua
untuk semua hidupan disekelilingnya..
tegur jika dia tersalah..
maafkan jika dia bersalah..

Jangan sakiti Dafi..
jangan lukai Dafi..
kerana Dafi tak layak untuk dilukai..

♥Saranghae Oppa♥

Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Fathers Day -rindu separuh mati

Last Fathers Day..
tak sangka ini merupak yang terakhir
tak sangka tahun depan takkan ada lagi sambutan ini buat ayah..
tak sangka ayah akan pergi tinggalkan ayang..
tak sangka hanya dengan sepotong kek itu mengakhiri Fathers Day..

Last Fathers Day
ayah.. maafkan ayang sebab tak mampu untuk berikan yang lebih lagi..
maafkan ayang sebab hanya sepotong kek itu menjadi saksi
maafkan ayang ayah..

ayang rindu ayah.. rindu..
sangatttt... sangatttt...
rindu separuh mati...

maafkan ayang kerna masih menangisi pemergian ayah..
maafkan ayang sebab tak mampu menyeka air mata ini..
ayang sayang ayah sangat2..

ayang tak boleh simpan lagi rasa rindu ni...
ayang tak boleh pergi area tawakkal.. nanti ayang mst nangis..
semua yang ada di sekitar tuh membuatkan ayang rindu ayah..
terlalu byk kenangan kita di sana ayah..

maafkan ayang tak mampu tunai kan hajat ayah utk jadi fisio..
ayang bukan tak nak tapi ayang tak mampu nak tunaikan..
tak mampu rasanya nak jejakkan kaki ke mana2 hospital lagi..
ayang lemah ayah... ayang tak kuat..
ayang terlalu rindu ayah...
ayang rindu separuh mati...


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011


Salam Aidilfitri buat semua :) (lambat sket entry ni kua kan :P)
in m last post i was wondered how my Aidilfitri will be without Ayah, Tok bah, Pak Ngah n Nyang.. hurm... ok now ill tell u guys how the feeling of 1st Syawal this year...

Start from Malam raya i dun feel like wanna celebrate tis year Aidilfitri.. but its a must aite?? so i juz start a simple preparation, juz feeling like daily house chores... kemas apa2 yang patut..

Mornink of 1st syawal.. i felt weird, i dun hear my dad voice tat usually will wake me up n ask me n siblings to help mum to prepared some food.. hurmm... my tears like wanna poping out, but i shall controll it bcoz i dun wanna ruined everyone raya mood.. so juz do what i should do. then when it come to salam bersamalamn tyme.. its really touched me.. hurmmm.. :( no more ayah n tok bah.. juz us.. semakin berkurangan.. :(

Then we went to Ayah n Tok Bah's grave.. n that the place make my tears drop like hell i cant controll it anymore.. but i tend to cover it from others.. hurmmm... i miss them damn much.. no words can tell how hurt it felt tat day.. only ALLAH knows.. :(

Mr.Taec everywhere

my new phone themes...
Mr.Taec everywhere :P

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Geng Meroyan Paling Giler!!

salam guysss..
Sebabkan semua org pon wat posting ala2 pujangga raya gitew... i ols pown nak jugekkkk.. hahahha... kali ni i nak buat warkah hari raya buat my dear GMPG!!!

kepada my dear GMPG (Geng Meroyan Paling Giler)!! thx for being part of my life.. sorry if im seems so cruel to u guyssometimes... hehehe... btw i would like to thx u guyz for all tat u guys did for me, erul n SaranghaErul... its so wonderful to have a group of frens like u guyz.. sometime i forget bout our frenship because i could feel more than tat.. we juz like a real sibling.. we could share everything together.. either inner or outer thinggy.. thxxx yaw...

MashieMaro Villa : thx for da Litchin n godam knowledge.. hahaha
Cik Jana : thx for being a good moderator for CB.. im apprciate it..
AmAnina Azizan: u know what adikk.. sometimes i u could be so annoying but somehow i realize u acctually so naive n cute.. hehehe.. so its ok to b annoying sometimes.. :P
Ekin Zoro: ouhhh my kak ekin.. thx for be my ear when i need someone to look up to.. heheeh.. :) n thx for being such a naughty sister to us.. hahahha
Nor Mazilah Aj : hey mrs.khairul rizam :) hahaha.. u too adik.. sometimes i tend to b so annoying.. especially when it come to abg n erul thinggy.. hahhaha.. but somehow ur annoyingness make me laugh n happy.. hahahhaa.... thx for ur help k...
Eyra Azmi: (ermm.. apa ak nak cakap pasal eyra ni erk?? hahhaha) hey kak eyra... thx for being apart of my life as well as u b apart of GMPG.. hehehe..

so, i would like to take this opportunity to wish u guyz Happy Eid Mubarak (bukan khairul mubarak ok!!) n wish all da best for u guyzzz

-Myra Azlan -

Qiss n Ara Story

This two girl..
really make my day brighter
give me often smile
and always put aside my tears

Qiss and Ara
thx for being here with me
in right time n right place

hey twins misssiy!!!
i love u both!!!

This is Ara bby... :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ramadhan oh Syawal

Ramadhan is come to the end..
Syawal is juz around da corner..
what i can say is juz.. Nothing..
yeappp.. Nothing!!

Juz like an empty
Coke tin..
beautiful out side but nothing inside...
peeps may say tat im happy for da upcoming Syawal
but da truth is..
im feeling Nothing!! Empty heart!!

Its doesn't mean anything to me..
this is my 1st tyme Syawal without Ayah..
i juz dunno what will happen..
how do i get through da day without him..

The things that only in my mind is
I MISS HIM so much!!
i do miss my dad really much!!
how can i describe da feeling??

Thursday, August 11, 2011


sometimes word cant describe everything..
sometimes word cant help us
to tell how the exact feeling
that we are heading of..

yeahhh... its so wordless.. speechless..
and all less when it comes to you..
i can do nothing..
because i feel so useless..

when i say I miss U..
don't u ever trust me..
because the feeling of missing u is so terrible..
i dunno how to describe n
i juz simply choose the words 'I miss U'..
The truth is i'm Wordless...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Qistina n Qaisara


weeeeeee..... New Baby on board!!!
Welcome into the New World
Ms. Wan Nuriman Qaisara n Ms. Wan Nuriman Qistina

Monday, August 8, 2011

i am who i am

i am who i am..
Big Fat Crazee Girl..
who always looking for Chicken
for every meals.. hahahaha..

i am who i am..
Big Fat Girl with Purple Kebaya..
always smile and laugh
to make everyone happy..

i am who i am..
Big Fat Crazee Girl who love camera
to be in front of the camera or behind it
juz make her day awesome :)

i am who i am..
im proud to be
Siti Amirah Binti Mohamad Azlan
im carry this name for past 22 years
till now i lead my life
in such awesome way!!
with all smile, laugh, tears, and Love
i am who i am..

Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Ramadhan Without him

Sesuatu yang sangat berbeza..
sunyi.. sepi.. kosong.. hiba..
tak tahu apa ungkapan yang sebetulnya..
tetapi percayalah RINDU yang ku tanggung ini
melebihi dari setiap butir kata yang
terlahir dari setiap ungkapan...

1st Ramadhan Without him..
everythings that i do
it always brought me to his memory..
every step that i make
it will always remind me to him..
his laugh.. his smile.. his joke or even his yell to me..
i miss all.. missing him is da most painful pain that i ever had..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last Episode of Hospital Episode

ini adalah posting ku yang terakhir tentang Hospital Episode.. no more after this.. sangat berat rasanya untuk tangan ini mengatur ayat.. tapi aku rasa aku perlu kongsikan sesuatu dengan kalian..

pada tanggal 27 Jun 2011 (isnin) jam 8.45malam.. disitulah titik noktah episod terakhir tentang Hospital dan Ayah. Ayahandaku Mohamad Azlan Bin Mohamad telah menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir di bilik 819 tgkt8 Wad Carnation. Doc diagnose arwah meninggal dunia akibat Ischemic Heart Disease with Sudden Heart Failure. too high of cretanin in his blood. Ayah dimasukkan ke wad pada 24Jun sebab muscle pain dan dari sehari ke sehari dia semakin lemah.. mungkin itu petanda dia akan meinggalkan aku.. byk lagi petanda yang diberi namun aku cuba untuk menafikan segalanya, seolah2 tiada apa yang berlaku..

Pada hari ayah meninggalkan aku, No words could describe what in my heart n mind at that moment.. aku tak menangis.. mungkin kerana aku terlalu sedih.. aku cuba untuk menafikan segala.. namun ternyata segala2nya telah berlaku di depan mata aku sendiri. Ayah yang selama ini jadi peneman aku dan sentiasa bersama aku telah tebujur kaku di atas katil itu. tiada lagi keajaiban untuk kali kedua. namun jauh disudut hati aku sebenarnya aku redha.. ayah telah lama menderita dengan sakitnya. ramai teman2ku datang ke hospital untuk memberi kekuatan padaku.. pada zahirnya aku kelihatan kuat dan mampu menerimanya. aku masih mampu tersenyum dan berbicara secara normal dengan mereka. namun di dalam sanubari ini hanya ALLAH saja yang tahu. Antara banyak kehilangan.. ini merupakan KEHILANGAN TERBESAR aku dan pada ketika itu senyuman masih bisa terukir di bibir. namun bila tiba hari pengkebumian akhirnya air mata ku jatuh juga.. aku tak bisa bendung kesedihan dalam hatiku.. aku menangis dan terus menangis.. satu persatu memori berputar diminda.. sampai ke kubur pun aku masih menangis.. masa itu aku sedar.. aku sudah KEHILANGAN AYAH yang sentiasa ada memberi aku panduan hidup yang sentiasa menyokong hidup aku.. Ya ALLAH aku amat merindui ayah ku.. saat ini aku terlalu merindui dia... (hurm.. tarik nafas dan lap air mata dan sambung menulis lagi..)

Selepas arwah ayah selamat disemadikan, aku masih lagi sayu dan terus menangis. mata terasa perit namun ledakan kesedihan dalam dada ni tak mampu nak bendung. akhirnya air mata jatuh juga. ak cuba untuk melupakan semua kesedihan itu dengan keluar ke kedai melakukan beberapa kerja.. namun air mata masih tetap mengalir. aku sedih dan terus bersedih sampai tahlil hari ke-2 aku berjanji pada diri agar tidak terus murung. aku kembali ceria, dengan sokongan kawan2 akhirnya aku bisa tersenyum lagi. thx to sume kawan2 dari kwn2 SKDK, APGS, UNiSEL, DFC, ErulFC.. xlupe gak untuk Erul n family yang datang walaupun sudah lewat.. thx so much.. myra hargai setiap ingatan u all dekat myra...

Aku redha pemergian ayah, namun jauh disudut hati aku masih merindu Arwah Ayah ku.. dia terlalu perfect buatku.. aku sayang ayah ku sangat2!!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Congrates HAZAMA

Congratulation and celebration lalalalalalala...
Penantian 5tahun anda akhirnya terbayar juga kan.. Tahniah ye Hazama.. walaupun kemenangan anda sudah di duga tapi tak apa lahh.. sebab persembahan Hazama pada malam tuh pun mantappp.. memang gaya persembahan seorang JUARA sangat taw u olsss.. ahhaha..
Juz nak ingatkan jangan sesekali jadi Super POYO n terlalu megah diri.. hidup ni mcm roda bang.. kejap kat atas kejaop kt bawah.. selama ada kt atas tuh guna laa sebaik mungkin sebab biler da jatuh ke bawah berat tuh nak mendaki balik.. okeyh??? Good Luck Mr.Gempakk

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Bye awak..


Dear Awak,

saya sangat sedih laa awak... hurmmm...
dah 9 tahun taw kita bersama.. harungi segala pahit maung.. tak sangka malam ni awak tinggal kan saya... hurm.. saya sedih sgt.. awak tahu kan saya sayang awak sangat2.. huhuhu.. xpe laa awak.. saya terima dengan redha... semoga 9 tahun ini dapat menjadi nota2 dalam buku kehidupan saya.. terima kasih kerana dah menceriakan hidup saya.. 9 tahun saya dengan awak, banyak yang saya belajar.. dari seorang kanak2 hingusan yang meminati artis secara membuta tuli.. now saya dah berubah, saya dah taw PERMAINAN dalam dunia awak ni.. menarik sangat tapi ada sedikit keji disitu.. hehehe..Sekarang saya da kenal erti hidup, selebriti, duit, show, FANCLUB dan macam2 lagi lah pasal dunia awak ni.. Thx sebab dah banyak mematangkan saya.. Saya takkan pernah lupakan awak... walau seribu tahun lagi pun awak tetap disini ♥.. di hati saya.. percayalah.. saya tetap sayangkan awak seperti dulu.. sekali lagi terima kasih sebab dah menjadi sebahagian dalam hidup saya dalam 9 tahun ini... Tak sangka yang kita akhirnya akan berpisah juga..

:( Bye2 Akademi Fantasia... :(

Friday, June 10, 2011

i hate the game


Hey guys.. whaddup ya??? hahaha... i hate da game so much!!!
thx for da STUPID game ever from A* and **t**.. im not angry bcoz of da elimination of Budin.. but.. its so awkward taw... when you guys are voting non stop but u got no reply from them... macam line kena sekat gitulah.. but a few minutes before the line di tutup oleh pak ciknil br dapat masuk.. tu pun separuh je.. mana lagi separuh?? duit tetap kena tolak.. hurmmm...
its ok laa.. bcoz i know he will success out there.. but among da ugliest game from them.. this is da worsen ok!!! i know u guyz have ur own fav to be a winner.. but its not fair to others.. hurmm...
so i juz wanna say good luck to JUARA TERANCANG.. hehehe...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kisah Dongeng

Ku sedar ku tak seberapa
Jika dibanding mereka
Yang jauh lebih megah dari diri ini

Apa yang mampu ku berhias
Hanyalah hati yang ikhlas
Terpendam simpan untuk dia yang sudi

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya

Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa
Dalam waktu sedu
Dalam waktu hiba
Ku harapkan dia rela

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Sanggup menerima insan tak sempurna
Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya
Kisah dongeng saja

Belum pernah ku merasakan
Dipeluk dalam dakapan
Eratnya melindungi jiwa rapuh ini

Sanubariku memerlukan
Kehadiran seorang teman
Tulus mencurah kasih sepenuh hati

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa
Dalam waktu sedu
Dalam waktu hiba
Ku harapkan dia rela

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Sanggup menerima insan tak sempurna
Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya
Kisah dongeng saja

Friday, May 27, 2011

♥ SaranghaErul ♥

how are you guys??? erm.. lama x hapdate blog.. arini nak citer pasal SaranghaErul atau Erul AF9 Official Fan Club...
hurmm.. pejam celik pejam celik da dekat 2bulan dah myra dok menyibukkan diri dalam FC erul ni.. seronok mmg sgt seronok.. tapi dalam seronok tuh pasti ada dukanya kan.. yang tak seronoknya bila dapat komen2 yang kurang enak di dengar.. dapat caci makai yang tah apa2.. juz imagine bila you da letak full of ur efford in one project then suddenly haters come n say bad things bout it yang langsung xda point what will u feel?? hurmmm..
hehehe.. but sgt soronok biler dapat buat apa yg kita suka buat.. benda yang susah pun boleh jadi senang.. bekerja dengan family erul pun bukan satu perkara yang susah.. sebab dowang semua very warm.. tak pernah memaksa, apa yang dilakukan mesti dibincangkan baik buruknya dulu then baru jalankan.. baik yang muda mahupun yang dah berumur mereka semua sentiasa ada idea yang bagus.. lebih2 lagi bila sekarang dah ada official ajk n keje semakin senang.. masing2 jaga part masing2 but if ada anything yg perlu petolongan kita buat sama.. great ryte??? im happy with them.. hopefully we can archieve what we want to.. and sent that boy to the greatest place that he should be..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2AM showcase

annyeonghaseyo!!! :D
hahaha... weeeeeeeeeeeeee... happy gilerrr.. no doubt beb!! bcoz of what?? bcoz at last i gotta tix for 2AM Showcase at MCA Hall.. OMG cant believe it that i'd was there too.. hahahah.. thx to sis lilo for da tix ya.. no words can describe my feeling.. but it was so awesome!! walaupun xdapa jmpe dekat2 hug n kiss but dapat tgk dari jauh pun da cukup puas.. hahaha.. enjoy da pix ya frenn..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You still my num 1

Assalamualaikum... ♥
Hey all.. rasa cam lama da xhapdate Blog sendiri asek sibuk buat blog orang je.. hahaha.. erm.. sume orang keep on asking Myra buat apa skang?? xkije ke?? xblaja ke?? aigooo... busan laaa nak jawab.. haha.. give tyme plz.. now Myra tengah sibuk dengan ErulFC.. SAYA BUKAN PRESIDEN SaranghaErul a.k.a ErulFC ye.. harap maklum.. cume tolong2 apa yang patut.. atas dasar kawan.. hehehe.. ok laaa.. now nak ajak u all layan my curren fav song.. walaupun lagu ni da lama.. lagu ni tajuk dia No.1 by BoA one of da famous Korean singer...

It's been so long since you were here with me
Since you left me I could have set you free
It's just a game well done myself again
And finally I'm ready to go fast you see

'Cause I did some good, and I did some bad,
I know what we had was true

You're still my NO. 1 the one I'm thinking of
The one I can rely
I guess you know that so different site I love this song
This all you said and done
You're still my NO. 1

The things I said I taken back you know
It’s not the end 'Cause now I've taken my stand
And I miss you, and want you back in my life,
(want you back in my life, I want you back in my life)

'Cause I did some good, and I did some bad,
I know what we had was true

You're still my NO. 1 the one I'm thinking of
The one I can rely
I guess you know that so different site I love this song
This all you said and done
You're still my NO. 1

I remember the days how we used to laugh
How we used to dance to that song and after all this time I have no regret
You're still my no. 1 (Wooh)

Du, Du Du Du Du Du, Du Du Du Du Du, Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du
Du Du Du Du Du, Du Du Du Du Du, DU Du-Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du

You're still my NO. 1 the one I'm thinking of
The one I can rely
I guess you know that so different site I love this song
This all you said and done
You're still my NO. 1

You're still my NO. 1 the one I'm thinking of
The one I can rely
I guess you know that so different site I love this song
This all you said and done
You're still my NO. 1

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tak Puas hati ke???

aiyooo deyyy!!!
ko jeles sbb aku cantik ye?? hahaha..

anonymous: si gemok & berpeloh ni semua jantan af9 dia nak.. pantang nampak jantan hensem. sedar lah diri ko tu yg gemssss hahahaha...

why la?? apa yg aku wat kt ko???
adoyaiii... belum jadi artis da ada anti-fans.. cemana ni??? hahahha.. lawak laa lu deyy.. agaknye apa laa yg aku wat kt ko sampai ko benci tol kt aku ni yer?? da laa statement xbule blahh... semua jantan af9?? wahhh.. manyak nye anak ikan mak noks.. haha.. rasanya yg i knal si erul je kot.. tu pon i anggap sbgai adik je.. kawan lama kot.. yg lain hampehh sowang pon xknal.. aigooo... hahaha.... lawak2... Jeles ye?? ke ko yg minat kt aku ni?? bek ngaku!! hahahha... kalau xpuas hati gtaw direct ye deyyy... hahahaha... lawakkk laaa...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kisah Hati by Alyah

Hatiku hatimu
Menjadi satu cinta
Ku rasa hadirmu
Hanya sempurnakan aku
Tapi cinta bukan milik kita
Semua harus berakhir

Cinta kau dan aku
Takkan mungkin bersatu
Untuk saat ini di dunia ini
Mungkin tidak bersama
Hadir di angkasana
Biar ku setia menjaga cintamu

Tapi cinta bukan milik kita
Semua harus berakhir

Cinta kau dan aku
Takkan mungkin bersatu
Untuk saat ini di dunia ini
Mungkin tidak bersama
Biar ku setia menjaga cintamu

Cinta kau dan aku
Takkan mungkin bersatu
Untuk saat ini di dunia ini
Biar ku setia menjaga cintamu

mungkin tidak sekarang tetapi semoga suatu masa nanti kita dapat kembali seperti dulu.. amin..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cerita Kita by Shahir

Seluruh hati ini,

Ku serah buatmu segala,

Setiap lafazku benar ku rasa,

Bukan cerita didalam lagu,

Benar aku pernah,

Menyakitimu walaupun terluka,

Sedangkan kau tetap selalu berada,

Disisi menemani..

Oh diriku..


Segala keterlanjuran kepadamu,

Tak bisa ku membuang semua yang tercipta,

Untuk diriku yang selalu mendustai,

Perasaan yang sedang ku rasa..


Aku kesali,

Biarkan dirimu separuh mati,

Sedangkan ku tahu semua sendiri

Kau teruskan jua,

Walau disakiti..


Segala keterlanjuran kepadamu,

Tak bisa ku membuang semua yang tercipta,

Untuk diriku yang selalu mendustai,

Perasaan yang sedang ku rasa..

Setiap kali,

Aku cuba menjauh,

Lebih dekat kau hadir,

Biar ku undur kau terus setia,

Setulus kasih yang kau berikan..


Segala keterlanjuran kepadamu,

Tak bisa ku membuang semua yang tercipta,

Untuk diriku yang selalu mendustai,

Perasaan yang sedang ku rasa..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

DH my ending version (fanfic) (part1)

Masih terbayang di ingatan Sam-Dong suasana di 'Grammy Award' yang sangat meriah dan kemilau cahaya indah menusuk disegenap ruang. Tidak pernah terlintas difikiran untuk dia menerima anugerah yang sangat ulung itu. Bukan calang-calang penyanyi yang bisa menerima penghargaan yang sebegitu besar.
"Tuan Sam-Dong, ada kad jemputan untuk Tuan dari Jason.. tadi pembantunya datang serahkan." Seung Yoo pembantu kepada Sam-Dong sejak beberapa tahun yang lepas. Sam Dong mencapai kad bewarna merah jambu itu dari tangan Seung Yoo.

'Jemputan Ke Majlis Perkahwinan Kim Phil Suk & Jason'

Sam Dong tersenyum. Masih segar diingatannya saat di Kirin High School dulu. Sememangnya Phil Suk dan Jason merupakan pasangan yang paling ideal dan popular semasa di sekolah. Tak sangka akhirnya percintaan mereka berakhir dengan kebahagiaan perkahwinan.
" Seung yoo.. tolong tengokkan tarikh 14 Febuari ni ada show? kalau tak ada block one whole day ye.. saya nak pergi majlis perkahwinan Philsuk dengn Jason ni..."
" baik Tuan.. " Seung Yoo terus mencapai Diari dan melihat pada tarikh berkenaan.
" Tuan, pada hari itu pagi kita ada temuramah dekat KBS pada paginya.. selain utu tak ada apa-apa.. macam mana?" tanya Seung Yoo kepada Sam Dong yang sedang enak menghirup Teh.
" tak apa.. just block yang selepas itu.. dan tolong siapkan pakaian saya untuk majlis perkahwinan itu, dan beritahu kepada Pembantu Jason saya akan menyanyi pada majlis itu nanti.. sebagai hadiah perkahwinan mereka.." Seung Yoo hanya mengngguk tanda mengiakan setiap arahan dai tuannya.

Sam-Dong mencapai HTC miliknya lalu di buka ke laman twitter. dan pantas jemarinya menari diatas skrin itu.
' missing her.. how i wish he would be here with me.. i reach on top of my career but here in my heart i am lonely..' luahan hati yang terus turun ke jemari Song Sam Dong. Sedikit keluhan terdengan di hujungnya. Memang benar, kini dia punya segalanya, dia berada di puncak kejayaan.. hasil titik peluhnya yang bertahun lalu kini telah pun terbayar dek kejayaannya kini. Namun, sebenarnya dalam dirinya masih punya ruang kekosongan yang bernama kesunyian.
Go Hye Mi bukan sahaja sahabat malah dia juga merupakan teman terbaiknya sepanjang Sam-Dong memulakan langkah di Kirin. Malahan Hye Mi juga lah yang menjadi pendorong membawa Sam-Dong mendaki puncak kejayaannya yang setinggi ini. Hye Mi ternya seorang yang istimewa dalam diri Sam-Dong...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dreaming by KimSooHyun

I was looking at my dream that is being deemed far away
And I was standing blankly
I don’t have anything left any more
I thought about giving up everything, but
I am standing up again

Even today step by step
I step forward carefully
My heart is full of fears
but it’s an excitement I’m embracing
I am staggering and shaking
But, I step forward towards
the dream that I am going to meet some day

As I’m thinking if it’s going to end like this
A fear constantly comes
I’m hesitating but
Deep inside my heart
There’s an unstoppable beating
that drags me forward

Even today step by step
I step forward carefully
My heart is full of fears
but it’s an excitement I’m embracing
I am staggering and shaking
But, I step forward towards
the dream that I am going to meet some day

Even today step by step
I step forward carefully
My heart is full of fears
but it’s an excitement I’m embracing
I am staggering and shaking
But, I step forward towards
the dream that I am going to meet some day

Towards the dream that I am going to meet some day

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Valentine

honey you are my valentine

You're my love forever
honey you are my valentine
You're still my love even if you've left me
It doesn't hurt anymore when I think of you
The hatred towards you melted a little bit
I think only about nice memories
I don't hate you anymore
The time we've spent together feels like a dream
They're not coming back, right?
If it weren't for you, I wouldn't know,
I really wouldn't know
So thank you honey you are my valentine
You're my love forever
honey you are my valentine
You're still my love even if you've left me
I was really hurt when you left me
I was hurt, and I hated you,
but as the time goes by
The wound heals and the memories grow bigger
And I'm able to smile again
The time we've spent together
It won't come back in the same precious way, right?
Because of you I was able to feel what love is
So I thank you
honey you are my valentine
You're my love forever honey you are my valentine
You're still my love even if you've left me
I cried trying to stop you, watching you leave me
You were like a habit, like a painful cut,
will I be able to erase you?
Will I be able to smile again when I see you?
Back then I wasn't confident enough
I hate you, but as the time went by
my thoughts have changed
i'm thinkin' about you all the time
i realized that you'll always be my valentine
honey you are my valentine
You're my love forever
honey you are my valentine
You're still my love even if you've left me

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dream High

SUch a really good Drama!!!
love it so much... all da cast is so good.. great plot n song.. perfect drama for me!!

IU - Kim Phil Suk
Teacheon 2PM - Jin Guk

Wooyoung - Jason

Suzy MissA - Hye Mi

EeunJoung Tara - Baek Hee
Kim Soo Hyun - Song Sam Dong

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hero Malaya

heey all.. today i would like to combine two HeroMalaya event into one posting.. hehehe..
first of all i noticed about diz hero malaya thinggy via Tweet by PakNil or AznilNawawi.. im too excited to know what is HeroMalaya is all about.. and da first event of Hero Malaya is HeroMalaya work for Carrefour charity..
The Carefour event was great.. almost all of HeroMalaya was there.. basicly they looks like a normal community but da difference is they do work for charity.. for this carefour event they are collecting money to donate for Bob Kuman.. bob need RM60K for his medication and surgery fees.. so they do some donation to him.. how sweet of frenz they are aite?? huhu..

The latest event of HeroMalaya is on 26feb2011.. for this time they do a campaign for 'ANTI KEGANASAN WANITA'. Even though the weather is hot and we are all sweating but they still can smile to all peeps that come to support da campaign.. They do posing with da giant paper about 30minutes and freeze in pose about 30second per pose.. so sweat.. hahahahhaa..

HeroMalaya done a great job!! Love them!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011