Sunday, August 28, 2011

Geng Meroyan Paling Giler!!

salam guysss..
Sebabkan semua org pon wat posting ala2 pujangga raya gitew... i ols pown nak jugekkkk.. hahahha... kali ni i nak buat warkah hari raya buat my dear GMPG!!!

kepada my dear GMPG (Geng Meroyan Paling Giler)!! thx for being part of my life.. sorry if im seems so cruel to u guyssometimes... hehehe... btw i would like to thx u guyz for all tat u guys did for me, erul n SaranghaErul... its so wonderful to have a group of frens like u guyz.. sometime i forget bout our frenship because i could feel more than tat.. we juz like a real sibling.. we could share everything together.. either inner or outer thinggy.. thxxx yaw...

MashieMaro Villa : thx for da Litchin n godam knowledge.. hahaha
Cik Jana : thx for being a good moderator for CB.. im apprciate it..
AmAnina Azizan: u know what adikk.. sometimes i u could be so annoying but somehow i realize u acctually so naive n cute.. hehehe.. so its ok to b annoying sometimes.. :P
Ekin Zoro: ouhhh my kak ekin.. thx for be my ear when i need someone to look up to.. heheeh.. :) n thx for being such a naughty sister to us.. hahahha
Nor Mazilah Aj : hey mrs.khairul rizam :) hahaha.. u too adik.. sometimes i tend to b so annoying.. especially when it come to abg n erul thinggy.. hahhaha.. but somehow ur annoyingness make me laugh n happy.. hahahhaa.... thx for ur help k...
Eyra Azmi: (ermm.. apa ak nak cakap pasal eyra ni erk?? hahhaha) hey kak eyra... thx for being apart of my life as well as u b apart of GMPG.. hehehe..

so, i would like to take this opportunity to wish u guyz Happy Eid Mubarak (bukan khairul mubarak ok!!) n wish all da best for u guyzzz

-Myra Azlan -

Qiss n Ara Story

This two girl..
really make my day brighter
give me often smile
and always put aside my tears

Qiss and Ara
thx for being here with me
in right time n right place

hey twins misssiy!!!
i love u both!!!

This is Ara bby... :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ramadhan oh Syawal

Ramadhan is come to the end..
Syawal is juz around da corner..
what i can say is juz.. Nothing..
yeappp.. Nothing!!

Juz like an empty
Coke tin..
beautiful out side but nothing inside...
peeps may say tat im happy for da upcoming Syawal
but da truth is..
im feeling Nothing!! Empty heart!!

Its doesn't mean anything to me..
this is my 1st tyme Syawal without Ayah..
i juz dunno what will happen..
how do i get through da day without him..

The things that only in my mind is
I MISS HIM so much!!
i do miss my dad really much!!
how can i describe da feeling??

Thursday, August 11, 2011


sometimes word cant describe everything..
sometimes word cant help us
to tell how the exact feeling
that we are heading of..

yeahhh... its so wordless.. speechless..
and all less when it comes to you..
i can do nothing..
because i feel so useless..

when i say I miss U..
don't u ever trust me..
because the feeling of missing u is so terrible..
i dunno how to describe n
i juz simply choose the words 'I miss U'..
The truth is i'm Wordless...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Qistina n Qaisara


weeeeeee..... New Baby on board!!!
Welcome into the New World
Ms. Wan Nuriman Qaisara n Ms. Wan Nuriman Qistina

Monday, August 8, 2011

i am who i am

i am who i am..
Big Fat Crazee Girl..
who always looking for Chicken
for every meals.. hahahaha..

i am who i am..
Big Fat Girl with Purple Kebaya..
always smile and laugh
to make everyone happy..

i am who i am..
Big Fat Crazee Girl who love camera
to be in front of the camera or behind it
juz make her day awesome :)

i am who i am..
im proud to be
Siti Amirah Binti Mohamad Azlan
im carry this name for past 22 years
till now i lead my life
in such awesome way!!
with all smile, laugh, tears, and Love
i am who i am..

Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Ramadhan Without him

Sesuatu yang sangat berbeza..
sunyi.. sepi.. kosong.. hiba..
tak tahu apa ungkapan yang sebetulnya..
tetapi percayalah RINDU yang ku tanggung ini
melebihi dari setiap butir kata yang
terlahir dari setiap ungkapan...

1st Ramadhan Without him..
everythings that i do
it always brought me to his memory..
every step that i make
it will always remind me to him..
his laugh.. his smile.. his joke or even his yell to me..
i miss all.. missing him is da most painful pain that i ever had..