Saturday, March 31, 2012

5 Years we've been togehter


Dear Mr. Dafiismailsabri,
Its 5 years already since day 1 i know u!!! daebak!! its a new record for me.. Myra Azlan is not kind of person who can solidly will Love celebrity this much n stay this long.. most of my fav celebrity is now not anymore my bias!! till now only Dafi n Mila who really grab my heart for this long.. i ♥ u!!! neomu Saranghaeyo!! i hope we will always be together for the up coming years.. im glad to have u as my fav celebrity.. Dafi.. u never disappoint me.. never ever.. i wish i will be here as your fans even when ur hair turn white.. i wish this feeling will stay strong.. :)

Happy Anniversary nae 1st Sarang ♥