Monday, November 28, 2011

My Great 2PM days Y♥o♥Y

Assalamualaikum... Annyeonghaseyo chinggu \♥,♥/

2PM 2PM 2PM 2PM... Arghhhhh!!!... That is the only things that play in my mind from a week ago infact till now.. im forget everything about my problem n my love (termasuk pasal my Janggun-nim).. only 2pm in my head.. michesseo??? hahaha..
Start with da countdown.. keep on conting down since i get da tix from Viva Home.. everyday every nite im conting down without fail.. and at last da day arrives...

23/11/2011 - Wednesday...
a bunch of rumours is played all over internet bout their arrival time n place.. i juz gamble n went to KLIA as early 7am... coz i heard da boys will touch down about 7am -10am.. it was a really bad day for me.. because after 7hours (lucky i found Kah Mei.. she did accompany me..) of waiting i juz get a genuine info that the boys will arrive at 10.30pm.. i was like crying.. i cant wait till that hour coz it will be no transport for me to get back home.. so i'd no choice, i have to forget about waelcoming da boys n juz going back.. on my way back i was really sad n crying.. my mood is totally going down.. :( i felt very bad, as soon as i arrived home.. i off my phone n juz sleep.. its a record when i went to sleep about 9pm tat nite.. it was my bad day ever...

24/11/2011 - Thursday..
Its a Hi-5 Session day.. because of i cant see them when their arrive, i plan to stalk them at the Hilton KL Hotel.. but im in dilemma, should or shouldnt go?? i juz keep on thinking.. then suddenly i decided to go there n talk them.. as well as my say yes i juz take LRT n go to Hilton.. i ask Kah Mei to wait for me there.. as soon as i arrived there, Sarah start a conversation with me.. shes the one who que behind me at the Viva Home.. we have a great talk, then come a fwe Hottest n join our conversation.. it was greatt, juz knowing them about a minute but we all can get along.. after Kah Mei n all the Hottest is in for the Hi-5 thinggy only me n a few Hottest who is unlucky to get the Hi-5 tix left at the carpark.. then i go to a group of 4 girl who looks like planning some evil things.. i juz go into their conversation, then we decided to juz go inside the Hotel n stalk them.. we pretend like wanna use the toilet, then the guard let us in.. yes!!! its da tyme.. we stalk all over place to know where is the event location.. at last we get da information, directly we went to da place.. at level 6.. we heard Hottest shouting like hell when the boys make their appearance.. on tat tyme, i really cant control myself.. i juz go n stalk them from a small hole at the door.. then i saw my taec.. OMG!!! i cant believe i see him!! but i still cant control myself.. i wanna see more.. at last i push the door.. OMG!!! i see TAECYEON n his figure!!! OMG he so hot!!! but unluckyly the staff noticed me.. he push me out.. its ok.. i already saw my Taec.. i feel like in dream.. :) i juz smile like silly girl, shouting n jumping.. hahahaha... that is my 1st tyme ever to stalking someone like that.. hahahaha.. after that i still try to enter the room, after that one Hilton bodyguard came out n shouting at us.. he ask us to leave the floor.. hahaha.. i juz smile at him.. buat bodo suda.. dah penat dia halau xda org dengar.. after he enter the room back we go to door back.. hahaha.. when the door open we try to stalk again.. n a saw my taec again... after the Hi-5 session ended.. me, saah n kah mei still wait at the car park to stalk them.. because they will going to Stadium for rehearsal after the Hi-5.. but we cant managed to wait till then because the driver said they might leave from other floor.. n we juz went bak home.. prepare for da concert.. :)

ill continue about da concert on the next post :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

my great team

This is my team..
they juz put a bright smile to me..

guys.. thx for da beautiful frenship
that i could never buy anywhere..
all the time that we spend together
such a great time for me..

kak siti... mummyyy.. hahaha.. thx for ur kindness
fierra.. nnt kite g kahwin awak k..
hajar.. detektif yg cantikk..
yasmien.. suara rock gitew.. nice to knw u..
nana.. sonok borak ngn ko..
yana.. i love karaoke wit u.. len kali kite g lagi k..

Pen.. sonok layan ko punye mengarutness tuh...
panjang.. ko punye 'star' wanna be attitude tu sgt lawak k.. hahhaa..
Hanafi.. klu ak tgk green apple sure igt ko.. hahaha
Hafifi.. physio yg paling sempoi n gilerr...
Fadzil.. thx selalu teman aku makan n layan kerenah aku..
Joko.. hahaha.. kau lawak tp ak suke dgr ko membebel..
Ijal.. ko belakon mmg best.. gud luck bro..
Joe flizzo.. kau mmg ske mengarut n wat bunyi2 yg pelik.. kekeke
Hirman.. lets go clubbin together one day.. rindu ko do mel!! hahaha
Amirul.. ko xbyk cakap.. tp best.. gudluck budak ptpl..
Syafiq.. hahaha.. sally yg akan aku igt sampai biler.. kelas ko nokss..

my dear cikgu..
cikgu avaa... gerak gerak gerak khass.. hehehhe.. cikgu thx for da input.. i hope i can learn more from u.. cikgu sgt best n sempoi.. love u cikgu!! sowi sbb amik masa lama sgt utk scene kaunsel singh tuh.. hehehe..
cikgu sherry.. cikgu mmg sempoi n rock!!! thx sbb sabar je ajar saya masa nk deliver dialog kaunsel singh tuh.. btw this is a confession.. sebenarnye da lama saya nk ckp ni... saya suke sgt lakonan2 cikgu since tari tirana lg.. :)

thx guys...
thx for everything...
juz love the way you are..
bogo shippo...

Friday, November 4, 2011

so bad so sad so stress..

so bad so sad so stress...
so.. so.. so..
ottoke??? hurmm..
i juz cant bear to live this way..
i juz cant bear this feelin anymore
i juz cant bear to hurt again...

so bad..
when i still dont know
what is da status???
my heart is non stop
beating with his name
my adrenalin is running fast
with his looks..
love me??? or not??
really need da answer!!

So Sad..
when i cant have it
when i really need it!!
i am desperately want it!!
i wish i could turn back time
and i would choose the right things again..

So stress!!
when i feel bad n sad in da same time..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dont be nice to me... Jong KooK..

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore

It might be better to be cold to me
Or ignoring me might be better for me
Brushing off the dust on my collar
Carelessly laughing and leaning on my shoulder

I let it go, telling myself that its just a habit and busy my day
But I think about ti again and again as if I took a picture

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore
I don't have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
If you have other thoughts than me, if you have different thoughts than me.
If somebody asks you who I am, nonchantly introduce me as just someone you know

The phone call a couple of days ago at night, that call...
it's not that I didn't wat to answer, but I couldnt
Just in case I tell you I miss you when I'm drunk
because in the morning, I'll regret it

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore
I don't have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
Although I had the whole world because of love
Although i miss it, I'm unable to find the way

Just in case you have the same thoughts as me,
if you happen to have the same thoughts of me
I wait again and again.
I am a fool infront of love again.
I cling to you again, like a fool.

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore