Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teary Fathers Day

its been a month from my last tweet...

as u guyz know this week is Fathers Day week.. Such a sorrow n mellow week for me.. i miss him so much.. My week is fulfilled by tears n tears n cry n cry.. always sound emo on twitter.. n i'm lucky to have fwens who always there supporting me no matter what.. myra sayang kowang tawu x??!!! thx to my abang Baki also who always give me a moral support with his beautiful words.. seriously everytime i think of Ayah i'll cry.. but everytime abg gv his words i'll cry more.. but after all da words from abg is one of the method make me feel better and stronger.. thx abg :)

I know you in da greatest place up there...
I juz want u to know that I LOVE u so much!!

Ya Allah..
plz place my dad in da best place up there..
plz forgive his sin..
plz make him rest in peace..

even-though u are not here..
i know you always see me here..
I LOVE you ayah..
If juz u are here with me..
i know u will always lend me ur ears to hear all my dreams n life story..

*i cant say much.. this tear keep on running*