Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hey Stalker!!

hey ya mr.stalker!!
i juz wanna let u know that
i hate u!!!

Please keep your self out of my life!!
i dun need u in my life..

plz keep on reminding yourself
that WE dun need u!!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Single and available ♥


Annyeonghaseyo Myra imnida.. :)
haizzzz... almost 4years being single with no one inside my heart..
somehow as a normal girl..
i really wanna have someone here by my side..
to love n pampered me as other girl should get..

Being single somehow is great because i am free to do what i love to do and flirting whenever i want to do so..
but sometimes it will caused Super-Lonely that i couldn't describe..
every time i saw a couple with a warm love, ill ask my self 'will i get someone soon?'
its not because i'm jealous, but its because of i think this is da ideal time for me to get one..

but sometime i could think this way 'am i worth to be someone GF? im not a girl with good look n good size.. im just a jobless girl'
but deep inside my heart i always wish to get someone who will appreciate me as who i am..
Love me as i love him.. n always be my side through my happy n sad tyme..
that is my wish..
Oh ALLAH.. plz fulfill my wish.. amin..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

his smile.. his eyes

his smile.. his eyes..
its haunting me...
make me hypnotize
and make me crazy..

his smile.. his eyes..
make my adrenaline running like non stop
make my heart beating like flash
and make me melting like an ice..

that smile.. that eyes..
is impossible for me to forget it!!
i juz cant let u go from my mind..
but.. thruthfully i know that i cant get u!!
it is COMFIRM!!

please know that
im falling in love with u..
ill always be ur secret admire!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Because of 2PM

I put a reminder for 8 oct to be da early birds for 2PM Asia Tour Concert tix. I wanna buy Rock Pitt area at first but i dun have fwen to go with me, so i decided wanna take a VVIP numbered sit. Its becoz if im late i still can get a best view of my oppa.

I Wake up early in da morning, i guess i can be da early bird who can Q in front of da line. Its about 10am i reach Viva Home in order to buy da best tix.. but unluckily when i reach there, its about 200people already there n Q waiting for the tix counter open. I need to Q at level 3 staircase. I brought Aiman to accompany me, but he cant stay longer with me coz he wanna watch movie. So luckily i can make a few new fren there. so i still waiting n waiting while chit chatting with my new fren bout 2PM n K-Pop.. about 3hours later, we need to change our Q line. From da Staircase to parking site. After that we need to waiting for another hour for da counter to open.

About 2pm da counter is open for us. Although the counter is already open but we still need to wait until our turn come. About an hour after the counter open, a very bad news come. The TM discount is already sold out and the worsen news is my choosen sit VVIP is also sold out!! i was like.. WTH??? i was there for about 5hour and i cant buy my choosen tix?? i was so disappointed.. :( after discussing with my bro n my fwen, im decided to buy FREE ZONE tix. hurmm... From Rock Pitt to VVIP n in the end juz can get FREE ZONE.. hurmmm.. so sad :( So on that concert day i have to be there early in da morning in order to grab a best sit there. For its ok as long as i can see my Taecyeon.

so.. I went through all those moment BECAUSE OF 2PM.. now im juz counting day till da date of 25th November 2011.. n so i can see my Oppa!! ♥

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nama dia.. @dafiismailsabri

Siapa dia si baju kuning itu???
Nama dia Dafi..

dah lama kenal dia??
lebih kurang 3 ke 4 tahun...

Siapa dia pada kamu??
Dafi.. seorang artis Malaysia yang paling Myra minati!!!

Kenapa minat Dafi??
erm.. without reason.. mungkin kerasa sikap dan kejujuran dia... serta setiap tutur kata dia yang susah untuk menyinggung perasaaan seseorang.. dan juga senyumannya yang manis :)

Dafi ok x??
Dia sangat OK!! dia seorang yang baik dan sweet.. sebab tuh Myra peminat no.1 Dafi.. sebab Dafi Baik Punya!!

Dafi pernah berubah??
TAK!! sekali pun tak pernah.. masih kekal seperti dulu.. masih lagi seorang Dafi yang myra kenal 3tahun lalu.. masih kaya dengan senyuman dan budi bahasa.. tak pernah menyakiti hati myra walaupun sekali.. Dia masih lagi Dafi itu.. dafi yang dulu...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jangan sakiti dia...
jangan lukai dia..
jangan abaikan dia..
kelak kalian kan menyesal...

Jangan sakiti dia..
jangan lukai dia..
kerasa setiap baris ayat yang melukai dia
akan turut kurasai pedihnya...
melukai dia bermakna kalian melukaiku..

Jangan sakiti dia..
jangan lukai dia..
kerna dia sedang lakukan yang terbaik untuk kita semua
untuk semua hidupan disekelilingnya..
tegur jika dia tersalah..
maafkan jika dia bersalah..

Jangan sakiti Dafi..
jangan lukai Dafi..
kerana Dafi tak layak untuk dilukai..

♥Saranghae Oppa♥