Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011


Salam Aidilfitri buat semua :) (lambat sket entry ni kua kan :P)
in m last post i was wondered how my Aidilfitri will be without Ayah, Tok bah, Pak Ngah n Nyang.. hurm... ok now ill tell u guys how the feeling of 1st Syawal this year...

Start from Malam raya i dun feel like wanna celebrate tis year Aidilfitri.. but its a must aite?? so i juz start a simple preparation, juz feeling like daily house chores... kemas apa2 yang patut..

Mornink of 1st syawal.. i felt weird, i dun hear my dad voice tat usually will wake me up n ask me n siblings to help mum to prepared some food.. hurmm... my tears like wanna poping out, but i shall controll it bcoz i dun wanna ruined everyone raya mood.. so juz do what i should do. then when it come to salam bersamalamn tyme.. its really touched me.. hurmmm.. :( no more ayah n tok bah.. juz us.. semakin berkurangan.. :(

Then we went to Ayah n Tok Bah's grave.. n that the place make my tears drop like hell i cant controll it anymore.. but i tend to cover it from others.. hurmmm... i miss them damn much.. no words can tell how hurt it felt tat day.. only ALLAH knows.. :(

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