Monday, October 17, 2011

Single and available ♥


Annyeonghaseyo Myra imnida.. :)
haizzzz... almost 4years being single with no one inside my heart..
somehow as a normal girl..
i really wanna have someone here by my side..
to love n pampered me as other girl should get..

Being single somehow is great because i am free to do what i love to do and flirting whenever i want to do so..
but sometimes it will caused Super-Lonely that i couldn't describe..
every time i saw a couple with a warm love, ill ask my self 'will i get someone soon?'
its not because i'm jealous, but its because of i think this is da ideal time for me to get one..

but sometime i could think this way 'am i worth to be someone GF? im not a girl with good look n good size.. im just a jobless girl'
but deep inside my heart i always wish to get someone who will appreciate me as who i am..
Love me as i love him.. n always be my side through my happy n sad tyme..
that is my wish..
Oh ALLAH.. plz fulfill my wish.. amin..

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