Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day in 2011

Good bye 20011~~
please go away...
2011 give me so much of pain..
please go with all my pain..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Im Hottest yes i do!!

I'm really proud to be Hottest!!!
yeah i do!!
Once HOTTEST forever HOTTEST!!
I LOVE WooYong, JunHo, JunSu, Nichkhun, ChanSung and Taecyeon
Obviously my bias is Taecyeon!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy OkCat Day!!!!

Happy Birthday..
OK Taecyeon Oppa!!!
not much i can say..
but the only true things hat i want u to know that
muchhhh... very much!!!!
Plz live longer to put my smile on my face n give me oxygen to breath!!!
u r my hottest namja baby!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday Dafi

Happy Birthday Dafi!!!!
Saengil Chuka Hamnida!!

Its reached 5 years since our 1st met!!
yeahhh!!! not much to say..
i juz wanna wish u happy always
n success in your carreer..
happy with your loves n life..
your happiness is mine too..
Let your self happy...
i love u no metter what..
i love you..
n i love you!!!

Happy Birthday Dafi!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2pm Hands Up Asia Tour

Put Your hands up!!! Put Your hands up!!! put put put put put put.. Put Your hands up!!!

weeeeeeeeeee... *wertyujkjnhbvcx*

Happy like crazy... ok2... i reached to Stadium Negara at 8am.. im lucky coz fify do reserved a placed for me in a que line.. becoz she arrive at the stadium 8pm on 24th nite.. michessoe?? hahaha... then i do queing there for 11 hour.. for sure not standing laa.. since fify was da 1st person queing for Free Sitting Right area so im 2nd.. hahaha.. happyyyy.. so my place is under roof n near door where i can feel da air cond too.. haevenly.. but of coourse i felt boring too.. so i meet some fren there n rounding at that area.. jalan2 sampai penat then duduk balik.. makan n jalan2 balik.. que for some official 2pm merchandise.. damn great moment with Hottest :) the best part is when all of us start to stand up and waiting for da door to open.. my gang do sing 2pm song as loud as we can.. hahahhaa... since they r playing some song from 2pm so our spirit is increase for da concert.. when da door is open me n fify run like hell in order to get a best place for da best view.. yeahhh!! we make it!! when da concert start i feel like im dreaming.. i look my 6 namja by my own eyes.. all performance was DAEBAK!!!! but da awesome time when Taecyeon jump to da audience n it juz near my place.. i was scream like hell... i wish he will come to my place.. he do noticed me shouting n waving to him.. he do look at me n wave to me back.. OMG i was like @#$%^Y$TEWRTE%%^$ hahahhaa... speechless.. his eyes is the tiger eyes.. :) that was the awesome nite of me.. then when they sang thank you i was like crying with undesribable feel.. really!!! then me n my bro go to da backstage gate n waiting for da boys to came out.. unluckyly the wan was curtained so we cant see through it.. but feel happy when nichan heard im screaming to him n he do wave to us.. :)