Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tawakkal Life


phewww.. this is da story about Tawakkal Life.. hahaha.. sounds like too poyo izit?? hahaha... so.. including today its almost 3 weeks im accompany ayah at Tawakkal Hospital.. but Alhamdulillah ayah is now back to us.. healthy again :D but doctor didnt discharge him yet till he fully recovery.. but so far i would say that he is now back to normal.. :D
so i hv to accompany ayah in the morning then my brother will replace me at nyte.. so i'll help ayah to buy food for his lunch or breakfast, preparing his tea or coffee and chatting with him.. so easy ryte?? so my free tyme i will online, eating n napping.. hahaha.. so nice :D the view from windows is so nice.. my dad's room is facing sentul..

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