Thursday, April 10, 2008

im backkk..

theory final exam is over!!!!!

but my ET practical exam is juz around da corner... what should i do?? nervous.. huhuhu.. seriously.. im very nervous ok.. En.Sharikh really make me stressed-up ok.. juz imagine u will be judged by 4 Physiotherapist that you will never know who him or her.. and the most craziest things is the question and who will gonna be patient??! grrrrrrr... this is my first practical exam that gonna be really practical exam not such a happy and laughing practical like always we done before..

one of my lecture slide..

huhu.. i should remember all the practical things.. huhu.. flexion, extension, jt.mobs, goniometer, etc!!!
chaiyookkk!!! chaiy0o0okkk!!!

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