Sunday, November 14, 2010

miss you

i miss you...
yes i do..
i miss you...
more then they ever know..
i miss you..
with all my heart and soul..
i miss you..
more then words can say..
i miss u since u gone...

i always pray the best for you..
and i know u now at
the greatest place that we couldn't imagine..

i love you..
yes i do..
i miss you..
yes i do..
i'm craving for u smile..
i looking for your joke..
i miss to hear your voice..

every each day and night..
u left me so long behind..
day by day..
i've been missing you..

i hope you will be here..
share a happiness with us..
share a smile and laughing together..

my dear Tok Bah, Nyang Tok and Pak Ngah..
i juz wanna tell you tat i love you n i miss you..

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