Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines vs loneliness

hurmmm.... such a lonely day.. at last on valentines day i am lonely... nobody be by my side.. nobody know what i feel... nobody know how my day goes.. today is my very bad valentines day... this is really bad experience from the day i know to appreciate what valentines is..
yes.. i heard they told me... i'm not suppose to celebrate valentines day coz i am muslim gurl.. but for me.. i am celebrating it to appreciate what love is n to get an happy moment with my loves one.. of coz..
i'm not celebrating the winning of st.valentine for coruppted islam.. i love my religion.. so i will not celebrate for that stupid reason... i am celebrating LOVE!!! not anything else...
but not today... hurmm.. i am very lonely today... maybe i have to learn how to not celebrating this day.. hurmmm may be... huhuhu.. its ok.. everyday is my love day... one day if i could get my love again.. it will be much better then my last2 valentine... huhuhu...

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nurain zainal said...

jgn sad2 k
nsb kite samew