Friday, April 6, 2012

Korea... What Inspire me about Korea??

Assalamualaikum... 안녕하세요 Chinggu :)

Korea.. That is the country that i really want to go. Why?? i know.. you guys maybe say i want to go to Korea because i am one of the fanatic fans of K-Pop idol.. so that i can stalking them there.. right??
animida... Actually since i'm in primary School i started to watch much of Korean Drama, such as Winter Sonata, Autumn In My Heart and many more. I love to see how nice the atmosphere of winter in Korea in Winter Sonata and How great peacefully environment view of Korea in 'Autumn in myheart'. Since then i really wish i could be in Korea.

After that I started to learn more about Korea through the TV, internet and some magazine. To be precise, It was when KbsWorld that makes me love Korea more. For the first time in my life I watched a variety show that introduce their country's special place, it is 2 Days 1 Night. Through that program I've learned that even in a Metropolitan country there are still such beautiful place that preserved and remain unchanged through time. I even learned that there are many beautiful island in Korea and one of it is Jeju Island that even recognized as one of 7 wonders of the world.

Of course it would be a lie if I say I don't like Kpop Wave. My favorite Kpop idol is 2PM of course, they are a group of 6 beastly man in one group and each of them possess different talents. I want to know about Korea more. That's why I should be the one who will win this opportunity!!


SheDaly said...

Meh eonni comment =D

janji dongsaeng kene comment kat eonni punye jugak tau!!hehehe..

cute blog u have here dongsaeng~

I hope both of us win!!!!!!boleh jalan2 ngn 2PM!!!

alamak kite dua suke Taec lahh =O

takpelah eonni nak kiri Khun, kanan Ho..hehehe

SarahAimi said...

Dongsaeng yah!
Hope u'll win this contest ye..
Good luck & all the best! =)

Zuera Saufie said...

okay...seriusly aku teringin giler nak jejak kaki ke Jeju Island...