Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally Buh-Bye Mr.Kachak!!

finally i can breath without his voice
i can breath without his sms
i can breath without him!!!

finally i can accept it
he is not for me...
n luckily im not yet deeply crush into him
it juz bcoz of my loneliness
it juz bcoz of he were there
when i need someone to look up to..

btw... my Mr.Kachak
thx for everything
thx for always being wit me
during my twice hard tyme..
thx so much!!!

wish u happy with her..
i hope she will pampered u as im doin b4..

and today..
i can smile n breath with happiness
after all those bad days
i always remember tat
ALLAH will always be beside me...
something miracles will appear
infront of me soon!!
i pray for it...

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