Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good-Bye UNiSEL

tis entry kinda pending... hurmm but anyway myra still wanna write it on my blog.. bcoz tis is such a precious moment tat i couldnt describe how it make me feel so real.. :D

hurmm... on 3rd sept about 11.10am.. i ended my final exam as Physiotherapy Student at UNiSEL.. only ALLAH knows how my feeling tat day.. sad+happy+syukur is mix all in one.. from ZERO now at least o know how to give a treatment for multiple condition patient.. huhuhu..SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH...
lepas je exam Pn.Rosnah n Pn.Rozita gv us last speech.. im too excited to finished my study.. coz i really wanna enjoy my youth life :D after the brief speech.. we are togethr went to Physio Lab n submit our case study.. then we r snapping pic around the lab.. coz i know one day i would really miss tat place.. hurmm.. the place tat i growing up as a physio in 3years time before.. Can u guys imagine how i should feel tat tyme?? hurmm.. *sebak*
we are enjoy taking pic n planning for final IFTAR with da classmate and lecturer.. n i decided to join them,.. coz i really wanna spend my last tyme in UNiSEL with them...

On the IFTAR nyte.. as planned b4.. i went there and we are happy chatting and snapping picture more n more and more... all that we do is laughing and smile.. having our precious moment together... about 8pm i need went back.. bcoz i hve plan with kin n dila.. hurmm.. tat tyme i feel so sad.. coz i think i need more tyme wit them... n now i realize.. tat i miss them damn much.. hummm

Now.. in tis moment... no other things in my mind except for their laugh n smile.. i totally miss them... hurm.. hope to see them so soon.. coz i really miss them.. :( to all mmy fwen... ili, dila, zura, meor, sara, daya, fadel, fyra, kak sue, yan, alia dan ramai lah lagi... i juz wanna say thx coz being a really gud fren to me.. walaupun kadang2 ada yg terasa hati n so on.. but it make our friendship strongest then b4 kan??? miss u guyz..
n to meor.. i miss to say tis word "papa nak eskwem cokwat" *sebak.. air mata bergenang da ni*
to fyra.. even tis is our 1st tyme clinical together.. but i really can get along with u as a twins.. love u so much twins... need u more...
to dila n zuera.. kadang2 walaupun aku slalu sentap ngn kowang but trust me on tis word.. aku sayang kowang sbb kite da macam adek beradek... :D
*ok tat all sakit mulut tahan nasgis..*

Guyz.. i juz want u guyz to know tat i Love n Miss u guyz.. hope to c u guys on da gathering so soon.. :D

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