Friday, February 19, 2010

just one more week


alahaiiii.. cam xcaya je tinggal juz one more week to go... ahaxzzz... juz cant belive it when all da stupid things that i am afraid of now going smoothly.. ouh no.... i would miss all of those stupid things hahaha... KKB is da most relax n peace place (walaupun agak mundur) hahaha... but ok laaa... peace beb!!!!

the person tat i could miss:
1. Vasugi (auntie at da pix above)
2. Diana (my fans )
3. Lyn (anak Mak Biah)
4. Hajar (GF en.k-roll)
5. Autie kusi roda.. hahahaha
6. opkos sume yg ada dlm fisio... (including pak din n apek)

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